Molly News

Molly Platformer – Molly is running for some hot news!

The hungry rabbit Molly from the popular game Molly Platformer will catch some hot news very soon! For sure, it will please all players of this great addictive game. Molly Platformer will gain new levels, new design features and even new languages. Besides that, you will be able to play it on PC very soon!

What news should you be looking forward? We are currently working on the game Molly Platformer to bring in 10 brand new levels with new graphic design that will test Molly and your skills.

Molly Platformer is running through new level

Very good news we have for our local audience in the Czech Republic. The Czech language will be added into the game soon! Well, that’s not all. We plan to add even more languages to give our foreign players even better gaming experience!

The next step is to add new options in the game settings. For example, you will be able to turn off the music in the background. Thus, you will only hear the sound of special actions like jumping, eating and so on. This will surely please all of us that like to play a favorite music while playing a good game!

New outfits in Molly Platformer available soon!      

Have you fallen in love with the rabbit Molly? Then you will love this new feature! You will be able to customize Molly’s clothing as you wish. With new updates, you will gain the possibility to put some stylish clothes on Molly. It makes the game Molly Platformer even funnier. In early update, winter clothes arrive to prepare you for upcoming months of joy. With every purchase of clothing like a winter hat, T-shirt or new shoes, you will be able to pick the right color for Molly’s new outfit.

Molly Platformer in new clothes

Next changes you will find while choosing a level. New pop-up table will appear to guide you through recommended upgrades of Molly’s skills for the chosen level of Molly Platformer. That will help you to decide where to invest your collected coins. Besides that, few bugs will be repaired for your better gaming experience!

We saved the best for last! The game Molly Platformer will be available on your PC as an online game on selected servers! You will be able to play with Molly and save him from his never-ending hunger on the screen of your notebook or PC. Stay tuned!