Molly Platformer

Molly Platformer is a 2D platform game for players of all ages, available in Google Play store for Android operating systems. The game is completely free.

Molly Platformer

The aim of the game is to keep the starving rabbit Molly alive by collecting fruits that are placed randomly along its path. There is a door at the end of each round, and Molly must pass through it to get to the next round. Each round is unique, starting out easy and getting increasingly difficult. Molly collects coins during his journey, which can be used to enhance him. This enhancement is necessary so that you can eventually finish the higher levels. Enhancements include the rabbit's speed, how high he can jump, or how fast he starves, that is, how long he can go without fruit

Molly Platformer currently contains a total of 12 levels. In the first 9 levels Molly runs, and in the last two rounds he drives a terrain rover, in which it is also necessary to enhance the speed and acceleration so that Molly can get into the cockpit of a plane and fly to his dream planet that is full of fruits.

The game is operated with touch controls and it is very easy. All you need are two arrows to control the game. Arrows for moving forwards and backwards are in the bottom left corner, and the arrow for jumping is in the bottom right corner. Additionally, an arrow pointing up appears when Molly climbs a ladder. It only takes a minute for anyone to learn how to use these simple controls

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Screens from the game

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